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Turn-Key Ready Tenant Engagement Platform

Keep your tenants by ensuring they never want to leave. Reduce vacancies by keeping your existing tenants, instead of searching for new ones.

Office Buildings & Corporate Centers

We send messages directly to your tenants!


Apartments & MultiFamily

Postcards are automatically sent to the tenants address


Lowered Vacancy Rates With No Additional Effort

How difficult is it to get started?

We can have you up and running in less than 10 minutes.

10 minutes to Reduce Your Vacancy Rate?

What Else Offers This?


Seamlessly engage with your tenants more often

Increase Your Tenant Engagement

Automate your marketing workflow. Pay per tenant. Don’t sweat when the lease is expiring, know your systems will be running to ensure lowest vacancies possible.

Without Making Work For Yourself

Our team will design your postcard to stand-out and outperform normal mailers. Our eye-catching postcards will ensure your tenants know the benefit of letting you know they are leaving more than 30 days out.

get more feedback from your tenants


retain your tenants longer and save money

Retain Your Tenants Longer

Our text messages are timed to ensure maximum response rate. Messages will include a link to a custom designed landing page, where you’ll tenants will learn about the benefits of providing you early knowledge that they are not planning to renew their lease.


We handle everything including getting you setup!

Simple To Integrate

Take advantage of the 1st way to consistently generate more time to market your vacant apartments.

  • Interactive reporting and decision analysis
  • Better understand tenant needs
  • Scorecard preferences and historical ratings
  • Site traffic stats
  • Community feed
  • Direct message property management
  • Private and group chat

  • Post content, news, links and events
  • Book amenities including wellness programs
  • Manage building events calendar
  • Link with the apps you already use
  • Manage multiple locations from a single login
  • Create tailored questionnaires for tenant response
  • Measure your tenant preferences

  • Pulse your tenant sentiment
  • User customized portals for each building
  • Offer Competitive Insurance Rates
  • Share important documents and files
  • Quick links to helpful resources
  • Staff and tenant directories