Would you like to be able to instantly add new amenities to your buildings without additional effort or losing any space?

use text messages to better your tenant engagement

Imagine If You Could Reach All Your Tenants In an Instant!

Communication like this can be extremely important should you need to relay urgent news such as a broken pipe, closure, or even during an actual emergency. Not only is, it possible to reach out with critical news, it can also make reaching out with timely holiday messages easy.

This feature alone creates a vital link between management and tenants.

What makes it even more valuable is the ability to send private or anonymous messages. Allowing tenants to feel better about engaging with management.

Offer Your Tenants Discounts From Great Local Businesses

Wish you could create greater engagement with your tenants outside maintenance requests and rent notices?

What if you could put together events your tenants wouldn’t forget?

Discounts on great products and services?

What if you could offer all this and more? With virtually no additional effort.

great local discounts for your tenants

Generate on-site and off-site community events easily

Do you want people to actually show up to the events you put together? Why? Will they finally show? Finally, they will actually be reminded what is going on in and around the building. Let’s face it, people are on their phones all day…catch them where they are.

Your tenants can easily book amenities from local businesses!

Even better than their satisfaction, is that you can track how often these bookings happen and how it is leading to overall increased tenant engagement. When you increase amenity utilization means tenants are more likely to renew their lease.