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Bring Your Office Building Into the Digital Age

Don’t let your offices continue to be just a dull bunch of boxes divided up into smaller squares or cubes. You can differentiate your office buildings, by allowing your tenants to encourage enhanced sociability and complete immersion into the being a part of your overall office environment. Whether you are a property owner or building manager, you can now leverage the benefits of increasing community engagement and lowering your vacancies with an online tenant portal.

Think of your tenant engagement portal as an exclusive Facebook or LinkedIn for your building or corporate center. What makes the online portal so powerful is the number of services we can offer to increase your tenant engagement from the traditional tenant reps to allowing you to engage with up to 90% of the population in your building.

Even better that’s not it. Communication is two-way. Tenants can also write in feedback. Long-term this provides building owners with a long-term record of client feedback and testimony.

message all your tenants at once

Imagine If You Could Reach All Your Tenants In an Instant!

Communication like this can be extremely important should you need to relay urgent news such as a broken pipe, closure, or even during an actual emergency. Not only is, it possible to reach out with critical news, it can also make reaching out with timely holiday messages easy.

This feature alone creates a vital link between management and tenants.

What makes it even more valuable is the ability to send private or anonymous messages. Allowing tenants to feel better about engaging with management.

Some great examples of a newsfeed increasing your tenant engagement:

1. Writers from a media company can reach out to an accounting firm downstairs for help with tax returns.
2. Software developers can seek out the design startup down the hall to signal boost their new dating app.
3. A small company wanting to throw a big bash can send out event invites to the building calendar through the tenant portal.

Offer Your Tenants Discounts From Great Local Businesses

No more spending valuable time on creating tenant discounts that no one uses. On-demand office happy hour? Discounts on great products and services? By powering your building with TenEnX all your tenants get unparalleled access to great deals from local businesses.

What makes it truly next-level is you can track how often these discounts and on-demand amenities are being used. Once you can track it, you can see how it is leading to overall increased tenant engagement. Increased amenity utilization often leads to higher tenant retention.

add local business discounts for your tenants

Increase Tenant Engagement Through Local Amenities

By using a tenant engagement platform you can easily connect all the occupants of your buildings to numerous excellent amenities in the area. Essentially, by using our platform you will create a workplace lifestyle experience so packed with valuable amenities, it will seem that people don’t want to leave the office and go home.

When you then combine the long-term touchpoint data with cloud-based reporting and proprietary analytical insights, building managers, and owners can then access reports which help analyze occupants’ activity, which long-term can lead to predictability of renewing.

Allow Your Building To Compete With Co-Working Spaces

By using a digital tenant engagement platform, owners of large multi-tenant buildings can essentially offer the model of co-working spaces, with high-level perks, events, and the overall sense of community. Improving tenant engagement through an automated process allows you to focus on improving tenant stickiness and lowering vacancies.

The portal facilitates connections between tenants and is continually growing the sense of community. Increased connectivity between tenants leads to happier tenants.

compete with co working space by offering amenities